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This was drawn by our friend Brad Dumville, the author of "Please Don't Feed The Bears" vegan cookbook. (I hate vegans, but I love this book!)

One thing you should know about Brad is that he is a total badass. Like a metal Mick Jagger, but you know.. sexy. Brad rode last years Riverwest 24 255 miles in the July heat while wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt. He is a little slice of heaven, you'd love to get lost in his eyes, this shirt is the first part of his opus.

Due to the artists wishes I can only print these on black t-shirts. I'd like to try to get Brad's permission to do a run in grey. I'll let you know how that goes. Until then though, black only.

If you're a lady (or the Robeast Trevor Crayton) and would like one in a womans cut, send me an email and I can usually make it happen

$19 Black American Apparel shirt