Back Next Week

by Jeff on April 23, 2014


Heading to Puerto Rico for All-City, be back Thursday with regular posts. In the meantime follow along on All-City’s Instagram or Facebook.

Hope you all enjoy the wonderful Spring weather!

All City Championships 2014: Save The Date

by Jeff on April 22, 2014

photo: John Watson

This year’s All City Championships are coming at you July 10th-12th.

This is the 9th year and the first to be held in July since 2007. We’re off our normal third weekend of August time slot because of the North American Cycle Courier Championships being held here in Minneapolis on Labor Day weekend.

Last year was the best yet, and I promise to bust ass to make this one even sweeter. We went swimming everyday, the courses were jamming, and the vibes were just right. Don’t miss it.

All City Championships 2014
July 10th – 12th

Thursday: Bandit Cross
Friday: Track Crit
Saturday: Alleycat and Party

Fijate Warm Up Party

by Jeff on April 21, 2014

For those of you who may not know, the Puerto Rican Fixed Gear Festival is this weekend, and All-City is making an appearance.
Austin, Heather, SK, Saisha, and myself will all be in attendance, and we’re getting things started with a party at Ciclo Canibal on Thursday evening.

If you live down there, you better show up.

Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on April 21, 2014


Cross Ride This Evening

by Jeff on April 21, 2014

Meetup at Angry Catfish at 7 sharp.

We’re doing the Low Road – Sibley route. Conditions are pretty much awesome at the moment.

Conversational pace, bring a beer for the sunset.

Will be amazing!

Word Is Bond

by Jeff on April 20, 2014

some of the best fixed riding I’ve ever seen. Super good.

TURF “Word Is Bond” Full Length from TURF BIKES on Vimeo.


by Jeff on April 19, 2014

John turned me onto this when I was in Austin last fall, the cool thing is that this is the brewer from Hammerhearts musical output. Metal and banjo’s. Stoked.

The Greatest Photograph of a Fully Loaded Bike Ever

by Jeff on April 18, 2014

there can be no debate on this one. This is how you shred with panniers.

photoPhoto by Tom Robertson

With Love

by Jeff on April 18, 2014


Race Face

by Jeff on April 17, 2014


Another one from that great bottomless pit of race face, Bernard Hinault.