Shuji’s AC Japan Tour Photos

by Jeff on March 27, 2015

I just posted up the photos from our embedded photograher, Shuji Yamamoto, on our trip to Japan.  Head over to the All-City blog to check them all out.

Here are a few selected favorites:


Nico in Beirut

by Jeff on March 26, 2015

Check out this vid of our homie Nico riding in Beirut

Puerto Rico Part 2

by Jeff on March 26, 2015


New Gear Day

by Jeff on March 26, 2015

Super stoked to lay hands on some new gear for Spring. I’ll let you know how the stuff shakes out as the woods dry up,and I’m able to start getting some use out of them.

From left to right:

Grand Trunk Hammock – the great thing here is that the MSRP on this Hammock is only $19. I’ve had it out of the bag and it seems pretty solid and is lighter weight than an ENO Singlenest.

Optimus Ti Spork – I’ve always wanted one, and now I have one. I’ve been happy with my set of plastic nesting spoon, knife, and fork. We’ll see if it’s worth moving to only one utensil.

Bahco Laplander Saw – this folding jammer comes highly recommended. I plan on building some forts and starting a few fires this Spring and this seems like just the tool.

There’s also this: an emergency zip up bivy. My plan is to use this as a standalone piece under a strung up tarp with my sleeping pad and bag inside. It’s super packable, lightweight, water proof, and cheap as hell.

Stay tuned for how this junk works out.

Skate Video Wednesday

by Jeff on March 25, 2015

Seriously, super good.

Puerto Rico Part 1

by Jeff on March 24, 2015

A climb through the rainforest to a mountain stream swimming hole

so good

Follow BikeJerks on Instagram

by Jeff on March 23, 2015

The time has come to for me stop posting so much personal stuff on the AC channel, so I am moving my primary Instagram presence from All-City to a new Bike Jerks account. So if you’re looking for mtb’ing, van life, camping, being in the woods, drinking too much, records, or pictures of Baroo, that’ll be the source.

Search “bikejerks” on Instagram and you’re bound to find me.


You probably won’t regret it.

Myself and several others are getting ready to launch the next chapter in Bike Jerks, with a new website, new designs, new contributors, and new projects.


by Jeff on March 23, 2015

Bobet climbing with Anquetil

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on March 23, 2015

Charles Tschumy Welcome Edit from Julien Arnaud on Vimeo.

Koochella Rising

by Jeff on March 19, 2015

Check out this video showcasing the efforts of Team Koochella in bringing more women into track racing. This is one of Minneapolis cycling’s great success stories. Congrats to Anna and all of our friends on the team.

Koochella Rising from All-City Cycles on Vimeo.