Nothing To See Here: Homie photo show opening tomorrow at One on One

by Jeff on October 24, 2014


Fall is…

by Jeff on October 24, 2014

mountain bike season.

Bandit Cross Match Sprints Photos

by Jeff on October 24, 2014


Last week we did the first ever Bandit Cross Match Sprints. Didn’t have a large turnout, but we learned somethings and proved the concept. More head to head races to come.


yes that is Fred Mills wrecking the barriers


Shop Visit: Hollywood Cycles

by Jeff on October 23, 2014

The other day I finally had the opportunity to stop by Hollywood Cycles. For those not from the Midwest, Jay “Hollywood” Henderson (aka the Cipolini of the Midwest) is a local legend known for his love of life, perm-stoked attitude, and is an absolute fixture on the race circuit. He’s also the owner of that righteous van that’s been popping up in my cross racing coverage, and one of my favorite folks in the local cycling scene.

His shop isn’t open on weekends, as those are race days, and his clientele is very much of the go-fast variety. He’s been in the game a long while, and the artifacts that he’s collected over the years are personal and amazing. You’ll have to stop by the shop to get the full stories behind them.

That’s a signed Roger D Brooklyn jersey

“To Hollywood, tailwinds forever. Greg Lemond”

That’s H-wood on the time trial bike

A young Hollyweed at Roubaix, where he got the autograph (not sure who he’s posing with)


Ti Fat Chance Project: Initial Build

by Jeff on October 22, 2014

The decals are on and the bike is rideable.

I built it mainly with parts that I had lying around, however I was able to score v-brakes from Hollywood and levers from Roger at Alleycat.

The initial impression is that as feared it’s just a hair too small for me, although I want to try swapping to a 120 (from 110) stem with a little more rise and see how that goes (got a rad one to sell me). The bike is agile as hell and is super fun to throw around and get trialsy.

I’ll let you know how the sizing exploration goes, but there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be sending this size medium titanium frame, headset, and fork down the road to someone a little smaller than myself. It’s a hard lesson that has constantly repeated itself over the course of my bike buying life: there are a million amazing bikes out there that just don’t fit, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Colorado Road Trip Photos on the Radavist

by Jeff on October 22, 2014


Earlier this year, Baroo and I lit out for the rocky mountains of Colorado to visit a few of my favorite folks in the world. I shot a ton of photos and it absolutely killed me to sit on them, but my good buddy John at the Radavist was finally giving me a shot to contribute to one of the biggest websites in cycling.

The whole set was published a few weeks ago on the site, which means I can now finally share them with you here.

While I shot the photos (with a few exceptions, the ones that I’m in were shot by Josh Culbertson of Avery County Cycles), John did the editing as apparently I have a rep for not being the best at it. Now I myself don’t see what’s wrong with using iPhoto to edit, but the professionals in my life feel differently and let me know semi-regularly.

At any rate, I’m very proud of the results and stoked to be able to post my favorites here. If you want the whole set check out the link above.

Text from the Radavist:

Hello, it’s me Jeffrey Gene Frane of Bike Jerks and All-City. This is the first time John’s let me infiltrate the Radavist with my ramblings and photos, although he insisted that I let him edit the photos, something about dropping out the cyan or some such. It stung at first, but I can see how my iPhoto skillz may not be up to par for such a fine site as this…

Anyhoo, I’ve got a dog whom you may recognize. Not just any dog, but the #1 Brown Dog in America (so official). His name is Baroo, and he is my buddy. I’ve been long wanting to see how he would do on an extended road trip, so this June we loaded up the van and headed out to visit our Colorado homies Tyler of Pearl Velo, and Josh from Avery County Cycles. Two of my favorite people in the bike game.

The trip took us 2500 miles through the Midwest and Colorado over some of the most beautiful terrain this country has to offer. Baroo didn’t pee in anyone’s house, kept up on the trails, and never slept once while the van was moving. We made some new friends, deeper connections with those we already knew (or thought we knew), and at every turn pursued the secret knowledge of back-roads which has long been my obsession.

It’s already snowed here in Minneapolis this fall, so I’m pretty nostalgic for the lazy summer days captured here…

Good times.


by Jeff on October 20, 2014

was out deep in the heart of Wisconsin for a long weekend. regular broadcasting shall return soon.


BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on October 20, 2014

10/11 Bandit Cross Photos

by Jeff on October 15, 2014

Here is your photographic evidence that it went down.

IMG_8099IMG_8108Three MPLS institutions


Track or Treat 8 Official Flyer

by Jeff on October 14, 2014


The eighth edition of Track or Treat is coming at you Halloween night in Minneapolis.

Brought to you by Bike Jerks, Knog, Hammerbone, Trash Bags, Velocity, All-City, Sunrise Cyclery, and Banjo Brothers.

Show up at 10pm at Sunrise, bring a fixed gear bike (brakes are ok), and make sure you wear a costume. There will be a huge time bonus for costumes, so if you’re in it to win it, you better dress the part. If all you’ve got is some cat ears, or face paint or some other bullshit, don’t even try it. If you want the time bonus, you’ll need to make a little effort.

The best prize will be going to the winner of the costume contest hosted by Andy from Trash Bags. Halloween is his birthday, so don’t give him any guff.

Entry for the race is $3 cash and a six pack of the beverage of your choice.  The $3 is for racers only, but everyone attending the party must bring a beverage to share.

Huge thanks to Jamie from Sunrise for hosting and to Saisha for absolutely killing the flyer.  See you there.

here is the Facebook page for the event