by Jeff on October 20, 2014

was out deep in the heart of Wisconsin for a long weekend. regular broadcasting shall return soon.


BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on October 20, 2014

10/11 Bandit Cross Photos

by Jeff on October 15, 2014

Here is your photographic evidence that it went down.

IMG_8099IMG_8108Three MPLS institutions


Track or Treat 8 Official Flyer

by Jeff on October 14, 2014


The eighth edition of Track or Treat is coming at you Halloween night in Minneapolis.

Brought to you by Bike Jerks, Knog, Hammerbone, Trash Bags, Velocity, All-City, Sunrise Cyclery, and Banjo Brothers.

Show up at 10pm at Sunrise, bring a fixed gear bike (brakes are ok), and make sure you wear a costume. There will be a huge time bonus for costumes, so if you’re in it to win it, you better dress the part. If all you’ve got is some cat ears, or face paint or some other bullshit, don’t even try it. If you want the time bonus, you’ll need to make a little effort.

The best prize will be going to the winner of the costume contest hosted by Andy from Trash Bags. Halloween is his birthday, so don’t give him any guff.

Entry for the race is $3 cash and a six pack of the beverage of your choice.  The $3 is for racers only, but everyone attending the party must bring a beverage to share.

Huge thanks to Jamie from Sunrise for hosting and to Saisha for absolutely killing the flyer.  See you there.

here is the Facebook page for the event

The LSD No Hitter

by Jeff on October 13, 2014

Was reminded of this today. One of the more interesting sports stories.

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on October 13, 2014

ease into the week

Field Report: Theo Wirth Cross Race 10/11/2014

by Jeff on October 12, 2014


Perfect fall weather. Check.
Closest Cross Race to Minneapolis. Check.
Ripping course. Check.

Here are a few photos of what went down.

Lucky number 666. Crashed twice first half lap, still finished 7th in my first race as a 3. Totally ok with that.



Get Stoked!

by Jeff on October 10, 2014

to race tomorrow

All-City: Bandit Cross from Brendan Lauer on Vimeo.

Bandit Cross Sprints Tuesday 8/14

by Jeff on October 10, 2014

IMG_6681You’ll have to forgive me that I haven’t had time to make a snappy flyer since deciding to make this finally happen. I’ve been talking about wanting to do head to head cross match sprints for a few years now, but just wasn’t able to find the right venue. Now, that’s all changed as I expect the Deer Pens area of Minnehaha Falls to be just about perfect.

Tuesday October 14th
Minnehaha Falls – Deer Pens
Head to Head Match Sprints
Men’s and Women’s divisions

Afterparty at Sunrise Inn

The format will be a two up sprint race starting off the bike, then a ten foot run, mount, 30 yard sprint, double barriers, 30 yard sprint.

If you plan on drinking, also please plan on concealing. If anybody can trailer down some wood, that would be awesome.

See you there.

Here is the Facebook page for the event

Happy Messenger Appreciation Day

by Jeff on October 9, 2014

To all our homies out there in the shit everyday, hustling to make things happen.
You inspire us all.