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Perfect watching for a sunny Monday.

DADA | The Malagasy Trialist from Felix LE BLANC on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

sorry for the late post, here’s your daily fill of BMX excellence

1992 Coupe de France de Descente VTT – Les Gets

1ère manche de Descente VTT du Circuit National dans la station des Gets en Haute-Savoie avec plus de 400 participants.

Via my French Connection Guy

Coney Island Track 1940

Riders on Coney Island Track 1940
Same riders as in picture titled “Coney Island Track 1940″.
Photographer: Charles R. Siple

Photo from the treasure trove that is Doug Siple’s Flickr

Breezer Twister


The other day I had the opportunity to photograph this tasty little time capsule: a Breezer Twister.

The Twister utilizes the Sweet Spot unified rear triangle (URT) suspension design which was popular during the late to mid 90’s. The gist of the principle was that by keeping the drivetrain components all on the rigid rear triangle the pedaling forces would be contained and not cause the bike to “bob” under pedaling loads. The other major feature of a URT (seen on Catamounts, Ibis’, Schwinns, Treks, Fishers, and others of the era) was that when seated the rider would have an active suspension, however once the rider stood on the pedals the suspension would mostly lock out allowing sprinting and out of saddle climbing efficiently. Suspension of the era also suffered from sloppy pivots and a URT limited the pivots to only one pivot, and a large one at that.

This design, while widely adopted by many in the industry, was also quickly abandoned as better suspension components became available and other systems were developed. It was a place in time…

Interesting to this Breezer was the alloy main triangle in combination with a  steel rear. I believe this was Breezer’s first use of aluminum and was largely unique among URT bikes. Prior to seeing this bike I was unaware of the existence of alloy D*Fusion tubing, having seen the steel variant on many Breezer models.

Fox rear air shock, Sweet Spot* patented technology


Note the two tubes touching and welded together

Best headbadge in the game



Alloy Breezer D’Fusion sticker


Steel Breezer D’Fusion tubing sticker

Coming Soon: Bike Jerks Superfriends Kit Preorder

Coming in the next few weeks will be the pre-order for the Bike Jerks Superfriends kit…

We’ve teamed up with the best folks in the industry: The Radavist, Golden Saddle Cyclery, The Athletic, Team Dream, Tracko, and of course Endo Customs to bring you this new Bike Jerks team kit.

Full photo shoot and details coming soonish.



The Benchmark

Salsa just released a new long player (17 minutes), and I really think it’s worth your time. It’s the story of Jay and Tracy Petervary as they attempt to set the mark for a new bikepacking route in Italy. Get ready to get emotional.

The Benchmark from Salsa Cycles on Vimeo.

MBMA Summer Series 2016


Once more the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Association is set to liven up the Summer with their annual schedule of alleycat races coming at you every other Friday all Summer long.

The fun starts on

BMX Video Monday