by Jeff on July 21, 2014


Treasure and I are off to Saddle Drive, a QBP dealer event, then are heading out to Wyoming for another crack at Middle Teton. This is a pretty big deal for us as we’ve got a bit of unfinished business out there. It’ll be an emotional climb, far too long in the making.

If you’re curious as to what happened last time we attempted, go here.

Be back on the 28th.

Hope you have a great week. Wish us luck and safety.


Loving this…

by Jeff on July 17, 2014

photo by Lucas Winzenberg of Bunyan Velo from last week’s Bandit Cross.
can’t wait to see his full gallery

Summer is…

by Jeff on July 17, 2014


track bike season


by Jeff on July 16, 2014

thanks to the Radavist for the heads.

Kryptonite Messenger Collection

by Jeff on July 16, 2014

Some familiar faces in there.


by Jeff on July 15, 2014

super stoked to nab an 80′s pressing of this jam

2014 All City Championship Alleycat Photos & Results

by Jeff on July 14, 2014

The smoke has started to settle and the hangovers are just beginning to subside. As always, it was a hell of a weekend. We had a record turnout for Bandit Cross (70 racers), the men’s crit was awesome but unfortunately due to some ugliness the women’s crit had to be moved (planning a makeup date ladies, so don’t fret, you’ll get another shot at the awesome downtown course), and despite the rain 125 riders showed up for the alley cat.

Huge thanks to Karyn for coordinating the volunteers, Saisha for killing the race materials, Geno for hosting us, all the volunteers who make it possible, and of course the racers who rode a tough course and did so safely.

Here are the results and some favorite photos


2014 ACC Alleycat Results
David Smith, Overall victor, 1st Fixed

1. David Smith
2. Max Severson
3. Ben Hovland

winner’s manifest

second place, Max Severson

Ben Hovland (3rd), David (1st), some guy

4. Skinny Randy
5. Alex Oenes
6. Ben Lagerquist
7. Altan
8. Martin Zanotti (1st Out of Town Male)
9. Bryan D
10. Dan Wandzel
11. Robert Bigelo Rubin
12. Stephen Regenold
13. Mitchell
14. Chelsea S. (1st Female)

Chelsea, 1st Overall Female

15. Bjorn
16. Martin
17.Joe D
18. SK
19. Brennan Kremin
20. Kevin Hathaway
21. Young Christian
22. Drew
23. Max D
24. James Ford
25. JD Stevenson
26. David Edge
27. Alex Anderson
28. Erik Karhonen
29. Aaron Schmit
30. Christian Lundberg
31. Katy O. (2nd Female)
32. Nathan Kensley
33. Fred Turvik
34. Sebastian Z
35. Michelle Carter (3rd Female)
36. Devin B
37. Beff F
38. Peter Lenz
39. Stephanie A
40. Robbie
41. Jana Velo
42. Erik Sanders
43. Timothy Hellerman
44. John Swanson
45. Dan Johnson
46. Danger Donnelly
47. Corey Soderquist
48. Jesse H
49. Kid Mike
50. Alex “Irish”
51. Sam G
52. Melissa
53. Keean Mansour
54. John Olson
55. Trisha G
56. DJ
57. Dave Swan
58. Cassie W
59. Meghan P
60. Leigh A.L. (1st Out of Town Female)
61. Ashley Murray (1st Fixed Female)

at this point I stopped writing down the finishers.

I’m already starting to plan next year, you better believe I’m going huge for our tenth anniversary, do not miss it. Most likely the race will end up taking place August 20-22nd of 2015.

Check the rest of the photos here

Still Recovering Back Soon

by Jeff on July 14, 2014

This is one of the best photos I’ve taken in months. Starring one of my favorite people in the entire world. Dig it!


A Few Friday’s Ago

by Jeff on July 14, 2014


Your 2014 ACC Race Stops

by Jeff on July 12, 2014

All City Championship Alleycat
meet at One on One at 4pm
You will get your manifest as soon as you register, if you registered last night, present your spoke card to get your manifest.
Roll out to start location 4:30
Race start at 5

If you can’t make the race, you are still invited to the after party presented by ABUS
3449 N 2nd st
Awards at 10pm
Kegs of Fulton, Tacos by Taco Cat, and one hellacious sound system
If you didn’t’ come to dance, you didn’t come to party!

As promised, here are the stops for today’s alley cat.
photo: John Watson

4812 Chicago Ave S

Cedar Inn
4155 Cedar

Pat’s Tap
3510 Nicollet

Sea Salt
4825 Minnehaha

Grumpy’s NE
2200 4th St NE

Grumpy’s Down Town
1111 Washington Ave S

Fulton Taproom
414 6th Ave N

Witch’s Hat Tower
Seymour Ave Se / Clarence Ave Se

Hidden Beach
Kenilworth Trail / Upton Ave

White Sands Beach
E 27th St / West River Pkwy

Gear Junkie Office
2836 Lyndale Suite 100
Greenway level

Behind Bars
208 13th ave NE

See you there, and as always I urge you to obey all traffic laws and ride responsibly