All-City is Looking for an Engineer

by Jeff on November 21, 2014

The time has come for us to begin the quest for a worthy successor.

Text from the AC Site
IMG_1906From our first engineer, Adam, who gave us the Nature Boy, Big Block, Def Wish, and Mr. Pink. To our beloved Anna Schwinn who pushed the blue print and ideals ever further with the Space Horse, Macho King, Thunderdome, and JYD. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve been blessed with some serious engineering chops. Their talent has allowed us to build the kind of parts and bikes that previously existed only in our fantasies.

The Mr. Pink is everything we ever wanted in a road bike, the Big Block is the best all-weather track bike in the game, and the Macho King is simply the best bike we have ever made. It’s a stone cold modern day classic.

The time has come to begin the search for a worthy successor to their legacy.

This is what we’re into:
- bringing the styling cues and classic detailing of the past back into production bikes
- creating modern classics that will never go out of style and will forever hold value
- supporting, participating, and shaping the ever changing world of urban cycling

We are a team of mechanics, nerds, outcasts, artists, track and cross racers, alleycatter’s, adult delinquents, karaoke master’s, and square dancers.

If you’re into what we’re into, if you believe like we believe and you have a background in mechanical engineering and design, consider joining up.

The perks are solid, the weather is great, and the product matches the promise.

If you’re interested in pursuing the position, please follow this link to the QBP mothership.  As a bunch of us are about to jet off to Japan to represent at theNobeyama Cyclocross race, please direct all inquiries and questions at Q’s Human Resources Dept.

One of us, One of us.
- AC Team

New Winter Gear Acquired

by Jeff on November 21, 2014

It’s January in Minneapolis a few months early, and right off the bat the warmest winter gear I own has been being put to use. It didn’t take long to realize that a few of my key items were feeling a bit worn out. Here’s the new stuff I chose.

Three years ago Dan from PDW foolishly lit off a few bottle rockets while wearing my loaned down gloves. With multiple duct tape patches they managed to hold on few more winters, but the time has come for replacement.

Enter these Black Diamond Patrol Gloves. They’re rated for 0-30 degrees, and seem pretty rugged. I especially like the fact that they come with Nikwax to up their waterproof-ness.

I’ll let you know how it goes as I put the screws to them this winter.

Another addition isn’t an addition at all but just a re-up. If you’ve been reading the blog for any amount of time, you’ll have no doubt noted the fondness with which I hold Swrve’s Wind and Water Resistant Trouser.

Do yourself a solid and check out my initial review of the item here, note the photos which I shot of myself while completely trashed in the woods, if you’d like more in depth thoughts on the subject.

I purchased my first pair in November 2011, and it’s not hyperbole to say that they absolutely changed my winter. Three winters and thousands of miles later, that original pair is still alive and kicking. One leg has a hole from getting too close to a camp fire, but besides that one self inflicted wound, they remain completely intact and relatively unscathed. Most importantly for a pair of pants you plan to ride in everyday, the ass shows wear but has not worn through. It’s pretty amazing.

The only reason I decided to re-up is because after three years worth of washes and rides, the water resistance isn’t quite what it used to be and the material in the front thighs feels a bit thin. The greatest compliment you can give a product is to re-buy it after it’s usable life. While my original pair is still kicking, I love them so much the idea of having two pairs, with one of those being old and thus totally okay for me to really fuck up, fills me the joy.

These are seriously the best ever.


And finally, here is a new piece of non-bikewear. A Patagonia Nano-Puff jacket.
While it’s not something I am targeting to wear on the bike, the reason I wanted / needed it was to have something I could easily stow and then throw on under a shell for hanging out mid-cool weather ride. For that, this seems like the ideal thing.

So yeah, that’s it for Jeffy’s Closet, I’ll let you know how it goes with the gloves. In the meantime, quit messing around and look into those SWRVE jammers.

Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on November 20, 2014

so good.

Sold: Waterford Made Salsa Ala Carte 19.5″

by Jeff on November 19, 2014

Hello Friends,

If you happen to be in the market for a Handmade in the good ol’USA, Reynolds 853 mountain frameset. Then have I got the piece for you.

What we have right here is a genuine Waterford built 1999 Salsa Cycles Ala Carte. My favorite thing about it is that it isn’t one of the bastardized 853 Alas with both disc tabs and canti studs (such a bad look). It’s got classic Salsa graphics and paint color, with modern suspension corrected handling. It’s a beaut. I bought this to build for myself, but it’s a tad too large for me. At this price, I think it’s a hell of a deal.

The Headset is a Cane Creek S2, the fork is a run of the mill cro-moly jobber. The package works, but the money is in that frame.

Sold: Salsa Ala Carte
19.5 Seat Tube c-t-c
22.5 Top Tube c-t-c
Built at the Waterford Factory in Wisconsin


get at me. local buyers get priority as I have no desire to ship this.


by Jeff on November 19, 2014

Listen. If you value my input at all in these matters (and perhaps you don’t, good on ya), if you ain’t getting down with the Scorpions first three albums you’re absolutely blowing it. Lonesome Crow, Fly To The Rainbow, and In Trance are must haves. Of the three essentials, In Trance is the rocker. Super stoked to finally have a copy on vinyl.


Tuck the fuck in.

HellCross Belgium

by Jeff on November 19, 2014

Here’s a vid of HellCross in Belgium. Stoked that the vibe is getting some action overseas, but a bit surprised that in Belgium of all places most seem to be riding mtb’s.

P.S. Can we please get a moratorium on shitty blue grass covers of classic songs. Back in the late 90′s when Sissy Bars did Gin and Juice it was fun and interesting. At this point it’s just terrible music. Knock it off already.

Jingle Cross Photos Set 2

by Jeff on November 19, 2014


Skate Video Wednesday

by Jeff on November 19, 2014

Jingle Cross Photos Set 1

by Jeff on November 18, 2014

Katerina Nash grabbing hi-fives on her way to victory on Saturday

This past weekend Chelsea, myself, and some of our teammates lit out for Iowa to attend Jingle Cross, the biggest UCI race in the Midwest. It’s a three day affair, kicking off Friday night under the lights. The course was jamming, the temps were cold, and all the racers from Minneapolis pulled together to represent.

During the race on Friday my fingers were so frozen that I was no longer able to work my derailleurs or the front brake. I wasn’t the only one as there were plenty of crashes and riders fighting back frozen tears in their eyes. Saturday was a bit warmer, hitting the mid 20′s, with the snow rolling in halfway through the men’s pro race.

Here are some of my favorites.


A Few Weeks Back

by Jeff on November 17, 2014