Kelsey Phillips for IKEA

Stoked on this video from IKEA, of all places, featuring one of Chicago’s finest talking about her life as bike courier.

Heading to California

Photo by Kyle

I’m off to Los Angeles for a week, if you’re in the area I’m basing out of Kyle Kelleys Home for Wayward Children (Golden Saddle Cyclery) and would love to see you. Stop by the shop!

-6 Degrees And Ice!

Can’t stop us from single track exploration, what’s stopping you. Get out there!

I’ll tell you what too, I’ve always clowned on folks who ride studded tires in the winter. I’ve been riding trails and commuting all year round for 11 years now and have never felt they were necessary. Written off by me as some mark ass Fred shit.

Well, since my boo is sponsored by 45NRTH and thus has all the equipment including studded fat bike tires, and we got hammered with inches of rain on Christmas day and the trails are a skating rink and you can’t even walk in the woods without slipping and sliding like a drunk seal on roller skates…I had to try some out because if I can’t ride single track I start getting real moody and emotional.


And I’ll swallow all the bad things I said about them. Right now it’s the only way to get into the woods, and I’m pretty grateful for the loan. I still think the commuters in their dumb snowboard helmets and goggles are playing themselves with the “need” for studs but whatever, everybody’s got to live.

thanks for the loaners, babe

Descend With Conviction!


Hellcross 2016

Our Single Speed Brother’s from European Mothers at Single Speed Belgium just put out a video from this year’s HellCross. These are the folks holding it down for the one gear and pushing the cultural invasion of single speed madness. Europe gave cyclocross to the world, but the U.S. got rid of the derailleurs and made it fun! Good to see that the cultural sharing is going both ways.

HELLCROSS 2016 – THE RACE from François Bouko on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

it’s been far too long since we’ve all sat down and watched a Garret Reynolds part together. Dude is simply the best.

Stoked on these Crust Bikes Headbadges


swoop here

I’ll be In Los Angeles

next week to launch the new Mr. Pink with Golden Saddle.

Hope to see you all there!

Yo Eddy Commuter Project


The other day while perusing the Facebooks I spotted a post referencing a Yo Eddy for sale in the Boston area for a reasonable sum. Being a sucker for such things, of course I immediately contacted the seller and after a bit of back and forth, he dropped it off at an All-City dealer in Belmont to be packed and shipped my way. Gotta love the global bike community, and shout out to Kevin at Belmont Wheelworks for being so amazing.

The photo on Craigslist was a bit murky, but I could see that the frame looked pretty decent and at least had a King headset in it. Worth the price of admission. The rest of the components were a mystery though, especially that black fork. Well, much to my delight things worked out pretty well and the bike is pretty nicely equipped as you’ll see. It was being used as a commuter by the previous owner and I plan on building it back up with a front rack and some Surly Open Bars to be an around town smasher and beach cruiser.

I traced the serial number to the year 1995 and it’s one of the best color schemes they ever offered. It’s a New York Fat Chance so that means a threaded bottom bracket, which I’m stoked on.


1995 Fat Chance Yo Eddy
Size Large
Fork: Royal H Cycles
Headset: Chris King
Shifters: Deore XT
Brake Levers: Real
Brakes: Deore XT
Crank: Ritchey Logic
Front Derailleur: Deore LX
Rear Derailleur: Deore XT
Stem: Syncros
Post: Syncros
Bars: Titec Hellbent
Wheels: Front Ringle Ti Stix, Rear Deore XT, Sun Rims

So let’s talk about that fork, so excited to own such a beauty. It was reportedly made by Bryan Hollingsworth of Royal H Cycles, and utilizes the gorgeous Pacenti crown that was inspired by the crown on my MB-1 which itself was inspired by an early Ritchey design. Anyway, I’ve always wished for All-City to use this crown, or at least have a custom fork made with it.

The craftsmanship is meticulous but the plain black color leaves a bit to be desired as it really hides all the stunning lines of the crown. Kicking around the idea of having it color matched, but it’ll have to wait until I’m a bit more flush with cash.

Ritchey Logic cranks made by Sugino

Fat Chance signature bullet capped stays, XT rear derailleur with some anodized flair



Way trick Real brake levers




Welcome to the family!

And stay tuned for my build on it.

Cold Like Minnesota

It’s like – 6 air temp neg fifteen windchill…