Really Proud of This One


One of the best images I have made in a while. Taken on an All-City kit shoot in the mountains of Utah.

All in a day’s ride




From a Spring trip to Los Angeles, on the bike with Sean of Team Dream

Summer Essentials

The GMS… Bike


This one’s near and dear to my heart, the first “custom” bicycle I have ever owned. This baby started out life as a blue 94 Fuji Suncrest that I bought second hand off Minneapolis bike mechanic legend Parts Washer. He was replacing the Fuji with a new Rocky Mountain Blizzard and sold the frame, fork, headset, stem, and brake boosters to me for a cool $60. It was badly rusted, scratched, and a bit dented. The sale happened in the fall of 2005, and this hot rod was to be my first winter bike.

At that time Bike Jerks was only a half formed concept while I had several t-shirt designs for my first little company Galactic Mystery Solvers finished. While GMS was short-lived (though if I ever open my own bike shop, Galactic Mystery Solvers is to be the name) that brief period birthed this bike.

*Bike Jerks history lesson: GMS was taken from a throwaway line on the Simpsons from the Frank Gehry Prison episode. Drederick Tatum “GMS, Galactic Mystery Solvers, my childhood gang. The only mystery we couldn’t solve was how not to grow up.”

The Honda Paradise Green paint job found on the rack, brake boosters and frame was done by a friend’s older brother who was a second generation auto body repairman. To quote their father “ain’t no greasemonkey, I’m an artiste.” He even bondo’d the dent in the down tube. While it’s far from perfect, it was totally worth the $120 spent.

The kick in the teeth however came two weeks later, when with a freshly assembled bicycle, I started to hear a creaking from the rear end. Inspection revealed a cracked dropout on my new beauty. A call to Vicious Cycles sourced the correct Ritchey dropout, and a friend with some brazing experience made the switch.

Over the years this bike has worn many parts, though I think with this iteration it has reached it’s zenith. I use it as my around town/bar bike/trailer hauler, and it is one of my longest tenured and most cherished bicycles. While my design sensibilities were clearly nascent, hence the three different fonts used on one bike, I’m pretty proud of this rig and think it’s a way cool example of how you can make an uncool bike one of a kind with a little bit of effort.


On the front of the bike is the second bicycle wheel that I ever built, I have a vintage silver set of wheels for it which would add to the aesthetics, but the idea of replacing a more functional wheel set for a more fragile though prettier one just doesn’t jive with my sensibilities. It’s a rider.


Painted to match Salsa Arc De Trioomph brake boosters. They started out life Mango colored, but I like to think that they are happier this way.



Check the welds on this alloy fork. Despite it’s aluminum make up, this fork is far more forgiving than any steel fork I’ve ridden. I believe it’s a Kinesis, but if you know better, give a shout with better intel.



Cockpit: Salsa by Nitto steel riser bars (looking for another set, if you have one you want to sell, let me know), XT V-brake levers, Shimano Deore thumb shifter, painted to match Dimension stem (another unexciting part made rad).


My nickname at the first shop job in Minneapolis was Rear Admiral Rootbeer Pickles, hence the RBP pointing towards the rider.


First gen XTR M-900 cranks with an MRP bash guard modified to fit and flipped backwards. All time favorite Azonic pedals.


The repaired Ritchey dropout.


Rack with “GMS” on the stays


And of course, the topper to any chill ride, a GSC Steal Your Shop purple top cap.

I hope I have this one forever.

Limited Edition Bike Jerks X Hammerbone 10th Anniversary Caps


To celebrate our 10th anniversary we got together our homie Leif over at Hammerbone to create this limited edition 10th Anniversary cycling cap. Only 25 of these made in South Minneapolis (only 6 blocks from Bike Jerks HQ) caps were sewn.

Bike Jerks X Hammerbone 10th Anniversary Cap
10th Anniversary logo on sides, 10 Fucking Years under brim, gold ink
Handmade in Minneapolis

Swoop Here





Act now, operators are standing by!

BMX Video Monday

Not Made In France

*right side small print “Not Made in France”

My Pink Mr. Pink

Now that All-City has released info on the new Mr. Pink, I am free to post up photos of my new road machine.

Retiring my trusty red MP was difficult as I’ve owned that bike for four years now. It has gone to the NACCC’s, CMWC’s, countless alleycats, gravel races, and performed honorably during countless long days in the saddle. I’m the sentimental type and get very attached to my bicycles.

However, I couldn’t be happier with my new 11 speed rig. I ditched the 10 speed Apex, for Red 22 shifters, Force 22 derailleurs, cranks, and cassette, upped my wheel game with DT Swiss 240’s laced Velocity A23’s, and transferred the rest of my components over.

The new bike is vastly upgraded, and feels absolutely superb. I’ve been riding it since early this Spring and wouldn’t change a thing on it.

*note, my paint code is a shade off the production color






Top Cap Game

Has just been won….
On a Chris King top cap: “Come To Forbidden City, You Change Your Way”

Game. Set. Match.