My Space Horse

Super stoked to have my Space Horse built back up and better than ever.IMG_8305

Out of all my bikes, even with having All-City’s full line at my fingertips, the Space Horse is the one I prefer for gravel races. The lower bottom bracket, slightly longer wheelbase, and generous fork rake make it an absolute demon at taming gravel descents and the smaller diameter tubing helps dampen bumps over a long day in the saddle. Not to mention that it’s the only one with my preferred gearing for gravel, 50-34 up front and 11-32 out back.

After taking it apart last year to use some parts for other bikes, this one’s back and lighter than ever with a SRAM Red/Force 10 speed group in place of the Apex I used to run. I also installed a King headset and Paul Mini-Moto’s that were custom anno’d in team All-City x Fulton colors. Right now it sits at about 22.5lbs as you see it, but I’ll get it under 22 for race day with some lighter tires and pedals.

Not that weight is a huge concern since I’ll also be wearing a hydration pack with 80oz, be carrying a saddle bag with two tubes, two 24oz bottles filled with drink mix, and a frame bag with a peanut butter and jelly, turkey jerky, two packs of Clif Blok’s, two Honey Stinger’s, a banana, and two Clif Bars.






Congratulations Tiana!

A huge shoutout to Minneapolis’ own Tiana Johnson for her awesome 7th place American finish at the Red Hook crit against the worlds best competition.


BMX Video Monday

so bummed I missed this year’s Dilly Jam, luckily Shudder House was there to capture some of what went down.

DILLY JAM 2016 from Shudder House on Vimeo.

Race Face

Nello Laurédi   1955  Tour de France


Spring Essentials


1948 Paris-Brest-Paris


D.O.’s Santa Cruz Hightower




Bike Jerks Lookbook: Lions

photo by Kevin Sparrow

One of our best designs ever, the Lions tee, designed by Micco.

As always printed in South Minneapolis to order in the Bike Jerks workshop.
Swoop here

Team Dilly: Out of Beer


this one had me rolling