Monday 22nd, Support the Bottoms

by Jeff on September 18, 2014

As you readers know, I am deeply in love with the Minnesota River Bottoms, and our friend Dennis Porter is putting out a call for support next Monday the 22nd.

Please Please Please, get involved in helping to protect this local treasure.

Hi All,
You are receiving this email because I need your help!!! Pass this along!!

The plans to develop the MN River Trail in Bloomington are moving forward. This could mean one paved trail or one paved and one natural trail. Worst case it will be one paved trail that will be questionably sustainable with the flooding and other conditions that occur in the area. Either way the development will have a huge impact. We need to show the City of Bloomington how many people enjoy this area as it is now.

I am planning on speaking to the Bloomington City Council on Monday Sept 22nd during the public comment period about this plan. The Council Meeting starts at 7pm. My statement will be about how we support our current natural trail along the Minnesota River. I need people to stand up for me when I ask to say we like the trail as is a natural trail. This may be our last chance to do anything to save the trail we use and love. We need a big show of support and we need all family members!!!! The more people we get the bigger the impact. The public only gets five minutes to speak during the comment period so it won’t take too long and we can go back to our lives but the message will be delivered loud and clear.

FYI, the DNR already has surveyors working along the trail!!

Please spread this to all other people that can show support that night as well. Get the word out!!! Numbers matter!!

The Bloomington City Hall is located at 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.




by Jeff on September 18, 2014


Skate Video Wednesday

by Jeff on September 17, 2014

IPhone Randoms

by Jeff on September 17, 2014


Tuesday Night

by Jeff on September 16, 2014

Minnesota Cross is top notch.
you need to get out here

Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on September 15, 2014


BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on September 15, 2014

Let’s start the week with a hot one

IPhone Randoms

by Jeff on September 14, 2014


See You In Vegas

by Jeff on September 9, 2014

heading out tonight for Interbike, hopefully I’ll see you there


Fat Chance Project

by Jeff on September 9, 2014

Sports fans, I’m proud to present to you my latest acquisition and endeavor, a Fat Chance Titanium of unknown year and origin.

On the Friday of NACCC’s I was chilling with Roger of Alleycat Cycles and mentioned that I’ve been on the hunt for a Fat. He informed me that Charlie of Charlie’s Tangletown Bike Shop actually had a Titanium for sale. Well I dropped my beer and made the call, Charlie had it but was on his way out for the day and I should stop by tomorrow.

I however, had taste of blood in my mouth and was not going to take no for an answer, so I sprinted over in a torrential downpour and was lucky enough to catch him and make the purchase. $575 with a Chris King headset and IRD fork.

It has no decals and no serial number, though the construction screams Fat Chance all the way.

Peep it:
the telltale Fat City gussets


signature dropouts

no SS#


I have already sourced decals from England, but the blue is way darker than I expected and not what I’m looking for. Going to have to try again on that one, but here’s what I currently have.

The plan is to build it up immediately as a single speed to make sure that it fits and I like it before dipping into a more period correct build. I’m a little worried that this size Medium might be a tad small for me.

If any of you have any info on helping me nail down the year other than 93-96, or why this thing doesn’t have a serial. Let me know.