Bike Jerks Bike Club 10th Anniversary Kits (sticky)


It’s been a long time coming, the first Bike Jerks kit in several years. For the second ever BJBC stretchy riding ensemble, Saisha and I pursued a timeless design that would evoke both the classic club kits of the past and the Bike Jerks aesthetic.

The jerseys are available in white or black to provide the opportunity to tailor to climate and usage. If hot road rides are the order of the day, dip into a fresh heat reflecting white number. If you’re going off-road and getting dirty, you’ll of course want to reach for the black one. Choose both or pick your favorite.

For the bottom half we decided to ensure that the new bibs would look better for longer by eschewing a side panel design in order to use dyed black rather than sublimated black fabric. This not only will stop your shorts from “fuzzing” out over the years, but the primarily black design with subtle white accents will allow these shorts to look awesome with any jersey you choose to wear it with. Trust us, once you try them out, you’ll wish all your bibs were this high quality.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all though is the ability to offer kits in both men’s and women’s cuts and in a full size range of XS-XXXL.

BJBC 10th Anniversary Jersey – $100




Available in Black and White





Available in both men’s and women’s sizes XS-XXXL

BJBC 10th Anniversary Bibs – $120




Bibs available in men’s and women’s XS-XXXL

Our partners in this project are Twin Cities locals, Podiumwear. While we considered going with other kit makers, the quality of their fabrics, stitching, and chamois won us over. Add in the fact that the kits are sewn just across the river in St. Paul and it was a no brainer. If you can, always go local, especially easy to do when the locals are some of the best in the business. The kits utilize our favorite cut and fabrics, paired with a spectacular, made in Italy, chamois.

In order to speed up the process, you’ll be ordering direct from Podiumwear rather than the Bike Jerks store. Instead of shipping them to me, and then me out to you, we’ve cut the middle man. Production is slated to take four weeks, with the order closing on Sept 9th. Believe me, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the quality, fabrics, and stitching. World class kits from less than 10 miles away from Bike Jerks HQ. Plus by using the pre-book method we are able to offer both men’s and women’s jerseys and bibs in a complete size range.

Kits are available both domestically and international. Shipping and processing is $10 to the U.S. and $25 everywhere else.

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If you’re using the sizing chart on Podiumwear’s website, it’s the Gold / Silver level

As always, thank you to everyone who made this possible. Our designer Saisha, photographer Marty Wood, the fine folks at Podium Wear and of course you, the readers. Without you none of this would be possible. We are so grateful to have you dig what we’re doing and are beyond stoked to have you represent the set in your hometown.

The Greatest American Cyclist of All Time

The other day at work some co-workers and I were having a discussion regarding who the greatest American Cyclist of All Time was. While a number of names were discussed: Hampsten, Lemond, Armstrong, etc. In my heart there is only one, and it’s not even close. I was going to write a post about why, but in image searching Tomac I was reminded that I actually already made that post back in 2012. Here’s a rehash, and if you disagree leave some comments on who you think the G.O.A.T is.

photo Mike Varley

Growing up as a teenage mountain bike racer in the mid 90’s my walls were plastered with photos from one of four mtb mags that I had a subscription to: MTB (later Mountainbiker), Bike, Mountain Biking, and Mountainbike Action.

Among the countless action photos of Greg Herbold, Hans Rey, Missy Giovi, Brian Lopes, etc were my true heroes, the cross country guys.  Now at this time you basically had three options, since no one really cared about the Euro’s (Henrik Djernis, Thomas Frishnecht sp?, etc).  You were either a Ned Overend, Tinker Juarez, or John Tomac guy.

For me, since the days of my first used Bell Image Pro, there was only Tomac.  A rider whom I would consider possibly the greatest all around cyclist in history and certainly the most versatile professional cyclist there has ever been.

As a youngster he won a BMX national title, as a pro he won titles in DH, Dual Slalom and Cross Country.  He rode professionally on the road with 7-11 and Motorola, was the 1988 National Crit champ, did the Roubaix, the Giro, etc.

And of course take a look at his MTB resume:

Not only was he a bad ass in the results, but he was a style icon as well. Dude raced drop bars on his mountain bike, could throw a table top like a mother, made stupid disc rear wheels cool, and made everyone want a pair of the Nike Grand Poobahs.

Not to mention that his riding was gorgeous and he loved to show off for the camera.

When talking about things like the “greatest ever” we of course must note that he rode in the era before today’s modern specialists and was thus able to compete in more races and more disciplines than is thought prudent for a contemporary professional.  This is the same note we make when comparing Eddy Merckx to a modern champion.  It was simply a different time.

But regardless, no one has ever or will ever again dominate both endurance and bike handling disciplines like Tomac.  He had a successful BMX, Road, DH, Dual Slalom, and Cross Country career.

He was one of a kind, and one of my childhood idols.

Drink it in.
holy shit I totally forgot about the Troy Lee Designs sticker packs that you could buy back in the day until I saw this photo.  So rad. Oh yeah, the drop bars and sus fork. What you know about that?




Apr.'87 (2 of 5)



stoked to see our homies Dominican Crihs and Sean in this new vid from Heavy Pedal

Crank from Zangs Films on Vimeo.

Because it’s now cross season…

at least in Minneapolis anyway.

Leif’s Russ Denny Roadie


This murdered out Russ Denny belongs to none other than Hammerbone Caps owner Leif-o. Russ Denny’s are fairly rare birds as the only one I’ve seen have been located in Minneapolis (though he also builds under contract for brands such as Ritte). This is because the former owner of Blazing Saddles, Christian Klempp, and Russ were buddies. Hence the MPLS courier X Denny connection.

This one features a matte black paint job with gloss black decals, and is built up as a geared flat bar.

check it.


while the black on black is nice, I can’t help but wish the graphics were colorful as the Denny down tube treatment is among my favorite frame builder logos


Replaceable dérailleur hanger, it is alloy after all


This is not the only Denny in the household, his lady rides this gorgeous track bike.

BJBC 10th Anniversary Kit Details


Yo, yo, yo. Party people we are now in the second week of the old Bike Jerks kit drive and it’s time to hit you with some more photos of the kit, up close and personal.

Check out the stitching and graphic details. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the quality we are getting out of Podiumwear, sewn right across the river in St. Paul. I just spent a weekend riding in Vilas County and logged some super serious chammy time. No joke, these shorts just cannot be beat. By far the most comfortable for long days in the saddle that I own.

And if you’re checking out the size charts make sure you’re looking at the gold/silver level.

Store is open for another 10 days, don’t miss out, the last time we did a kit was three years ago, no telling how long it’ll be till the next one.

Additional info can be found in the sticky post above.

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non-drive chest


pocket detail

non-drive leg detail

To those who have already ordered, thanks a bunch. Can’t wait for you to get your hands on them. You’re gonna love it.

Lake Superior


A few weeks back Chelsea, Barro, Hilde, and I jumped in the van for a quick little overnight trip to the shores of Lake Superior. Getting to spend even one night on the shores of a big body of water is cathartic and proved to be exactly what was needed to shed the stresses of work.



BMX Video Monday




New Orleans Funk, X (Australia, not LA) X-Spurts, Waylon Jennings Last Recordings, Grateful Dead Cornell 77, Grateful Dead Bear’s Choice (my favorite dead record, this is a spare), Bo Diddley, Beach Boys Surf’s Up

NSC Velodrome Track Repair Photos