Winter Essentials

by Jeff on January 28, 2015


by Jeff on January 28, 2015

to be included in this Manual for Speed photo shoot


Nico Vs. Taxi

by Jeff on January 27, 2015

Check out this video from Redbull featuring everybody’s buddy, Nico.

Favorite Posts: Schwinn Madison Project

by Jeff on January 27, 2015

Every now and then I come across an old post that I’m particularly proud of, sometimes when this happens I will repost it. This is one of those times. Hope leaning on old work doesn’t annoy you.


This weekend I got out and shot some photos of my new track bike, an 89 Schwinn Madison that I worked on all winter to resurrect from years of rust and neglect.

I’ve been posting progress and process all winter, and now the time has come to say farewell to this series of posts and bring the project to completion.

If you’re just joining us, while purchasing records I ran across an old bike leaned up against my buddy Martin’s furnace. It was his old messenger work bike and had basically just been sitting there in a heap since he last rode it 7 or so years ago. I expressed a fondness for old Madisons and he gave it to me to see what could be done.

It initially looked like this:

In short, it was roached.

After blasting, linseed oil, and 5 coats of lacquer, she now looks like this. And I couldn’t be more stoked. In my eyes it’s just beautiful and the sweat equity and story behind it makes the bike even more special to me.


The “Good Guy” bike rides again. Thanks Martin!

Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on January 27, 2015

Frank Zappa in his parents living room


Back Shortly

by Jeff on January 26, 2015


Just got back from a weekend spent in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Be back with you at full force shortly.

This rules…

by Jeff on January 26, 2015

make sure you catch the last clip

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on January 26, 2015

Nike Batalla BCN from Nike BMX on Vimeo.


by Jeff on January 26, 2015



by Jeff on January 23, 2015