All-City Announces Nature Boy 853

by Jeff on August 27, 2014

Head over to the AC blog for details.


Noren and SK in Citypages article

by Jeff on August 27, 2014

Citypages has an article up on bikes vs. cars and cycling culture and stuff. It’s a solid read and our homies SK and Erik Noren are featured.  Check it out.


Exploring the Calumet Air Force Station Part 3

by Jeff on August 27, 2014

After checking out the dining hall, gym, and dorms we headed down into the little neighborhood that is part of the base.

in this vintage photo you can see the way the housing development and base looked in its heyday

locals have taken to shooting up the houses and buildings, this wall was typical

Then we headed into the main compound

Trash Bags NACCC Prize Bags

by Jeff on August 27, 2014

With NACCC happening this weekend in Minneapolis, Andy Larson of Trash Bags is delivering the goods with these two absolutely stunning prize bags.



Who will win these? My money’s on at least one of them going to Christina Peck, who is widely considered to be the best router at these style of races, the other? I’d say Austin is a good bet.

We’ll have to wait and see.

The Knog Party Combo. Because you need an excuse.

by Saisha on August 26, 2014

Party girl here, reporting for Bike Jerks and the new Knog Party Combo lock.
If you like to have a good time, and you know I do, this lil lock is your new best bud. You can bomb around town all day long and get in and out like a champ.
The first and most obvious thing that is great about the Party Combo is NO KEYS. You won’t be toting some over-loaded ring like a creepy janitor.
And the second: it’s light and flexy. You can wrap it on your top tube and rock out. 300g (that’s less than a pound for you US bitches.) The PC has a 3/10 security rating, so you definitely want to be jumping around vs. tying up for the night.
Setup is pretty easy, though the packaging is hard to get into. I tore up the instructions in the process. Make sure your combo is aligned with the correct dots before you set. I also made that mistake. It’s a little fussy at first to close and release, but once you pop it on and off a few times, it becomes second nature.
Not to disregard style, the combo numbers are in that cool Knoggy font, and it comes in, holy shit, like 8 different colors!
So go grab one that matches your cool sunglasses and party on. But don’t get too lit or you’ll be forced to leave your sweet ride to the mercy of the cruel streets.


The Way We Were

by Jeff on August 26, 2014

Mike Carney under the Hennepin Bridge from the 650c era, 2009

Exploring the Calumet Air Force Station Part 2

by Jeff on August 26, 2014

inside the gymnasium

heading into one of the dorms

sexy time

learning from past mistakes

mural of one of the regions mine sites


New All-City Shirt

by Jeff on August 25, 2014

We got a new shirt in over at All-City. Peep it.


Fancy Ray for the Hub Bike Co-op

by Jeff on August 25, 2014

You know over at Bike Jerks we love some Fancy Ray!

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on August 25, 2014